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Anglo-Saxon History on your Doorstep?

Well, perhaps not quite on your doorstep, but possibly very close to where you live.

There are over 1,800 Anglo-Saxon charters in existence and many of these have `Bounds’ – a description of various points on the boundary of the land referred to in the charter. These bounds can be extremely helpful in establishing the nature of the parcel of land granted in the charter.

The study of these charter bounds can form the basis of a project which can be easily undertaken by a small group of people.

A great deal of the initial preparation can be done from home, with the help of a computer, and much of the fieldwork involves walking around the area trying to establish the points of a boundary.

The establishment of the Anglo-Saxon bounds of a Parish is not only a worthwhile project in its own right, it is also an excellent beginning for an archaeological survey of the parish.

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