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An Example – The Bounds of Olney, Buckinghamshire

Sawyer: 834

Birch Cartularium Saxonicum:

Kemble: 621

Date: A.D. 979


King Æthelred to Ælfhere, comes; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Olney, Bucks. Latin with English bounds


þis sint þara .x. hyda landgemære æt Ollanege. Ærest on Calewan were (1) andlang lace into halgan broce (2); andlang broces to halgan welle (3); of þere welle to dene æccre (4); of dene æcre andlang dene to ?reo gemære (5); of ?rim gemærum on ecgan croft (6); of ecgan crofte on ?a dic (7); andlang dices on þone feld (8), þæt andlang wyrttruman on Hildes hlæw (9); of Hildes hlæwe on þone stan (10); of ?am stane on ?one broc (11); andlang broces inon Use (12); andlang Use on Wilinford (13); of þam forde andlang Use to Kekan were (14); of Kekan were andlang Use (15) on Caluwan wer (1).

Translation of Bounds:

First to the bare weir (1). Along the stream into the holy brook (2). Along the brook to the holy well (3). From the well to the valley acre (4). From valley acre along the valley to the three boundaries (5). From the three boundaries to Ecga’s croft (6). From Ecga’s croft to the dike (7).Along the ditch to the open country (8). Then along the wyrttruman to Hild’s burial mound (9). From Hild’s burial mound to the stone (10) From the stone to the brook (11). Along the brook into the Ouse (12). Along the Ouse to the willow ford (13). From the ford along Ouse to Keka’s weir (14). From Keka’s weir along Ouse (15) to the bare weir (1).