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Field Trip: The Prittlewell Prince Exhibition

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Pickup at Embankment Underground Station at 8:00 a.m. 


Hadleigh Castle; The Prittlewell Prince Exhibition; Prittlewell Priory; and St Mary the Virgin Prittlewell

Field trip to PRITTLEWELL, Essex

This field trip looks at three significant features in the early history of Prittleuuella, the main Saxon settlement in the area, now known as Prittlewell;
and a 13th estuarine castle on Hadleigh marshes.

We start by visiting the remains of the strategically positioned Hadleigh Castle, built in the early 13th century by Hubert de burgh. We then focus on the historic parish of Prittlewell, visiting the Southend-Central Museum’s “Princely Burial” exhibition, a display of the artefacts from the 2003 excavation of a Saxon Burial mound in Prittlewell; we will then visit the site of the Cluniac Priory, in Prittlewell; and finally the nearby church of St Mary the Virgin, with its interesting and diverse architecture dating from the 7th century.

Gold Buckle from the Prittlewell excavation