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EMAS Events


Field trip to the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
and Chedworth Roman villa, Gloucestershire
Saturday, 5th October 2019
with Harvey Sheldon

An exceptional exhibition, entitled the “Last Supper in Pompeii” has opened at the Ashmolean Museum and a morning visit will make an excellent introduction to our visit to Chedworth in the afternoon.

The some 400 objects on display at the Ashmolean reflect the wealthy standard of living in Pompeii’s highly decorated houses, which centred around the Roman love of food and drink. Sections of wall paintings and luxury furnishings set off vessels of bronze and glass, bronze and marble statues as well as more mundane items. These include an amphora with a painted label, a perforated amphora inside which snails were bred and examples of carbonated food. What could be more appropriate than to be given an insight into the way wealthy Romans lived and dined before visiting a high status Romano-British villa that blossomed in the fourth century AD.

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