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Which are your favourite Website areas?

Members’ Area Field Work Guide


Forthcoming study tours

I like the educational areas. Keep forgetting my password for the members area.

Events info and photo galleries

Educational resources

Itineraries for trips.

News Information

I do not use a computer

Website updating new discoveries

The quiz during lockdown

Educational resources, events, useful websites

No-one has told me that there is a members area or how to access it

Info on up coming events

The area where the events are listed

I am not fond of websites

Do you have any suggestions for new Website areas?

More help with internet material for our members

it would be good if EMAS was involved with community archaeology and this was shown on the website. Also the benefits of becoming a member. It would be good if there were articles on recent archaeological finds in London.

beginner’s guide to archaeology?

Not sure

posting lectures online

not really except expanding the scope of news on recent finds etc

Exhibition information relative to the articles being given.

More links to up to archaeological news/events outside of EMAS,

Links to other societies that are holding open days for their digs so that group or individual visits could be arranged.

Archaeology is a vast subject – links to other connected bodies might help those browsing e.g. Metalwork / Textiles / Buildings. Other parts of the world, especially Europe.

I hardly ever visit this or any website, so it is unfair of me to comment. Apart from being prejudiced against websites in general when I did try it was complicated to access – I found that offputting as I was aware of wasting my time.

Do you have any suggestions for new EMAS activities once we’re back to normal?

Preparation for fieldwork

Online discussions – Present your favourite object/site/

Online meetings or lectures

Does EMAS have a Twitter account. It would be good if we could attract some younger members.

Revitalising the membership and activities, whilst keeping to the core EMAS spirit. How to attract or involve the younger audiences is critical, perhaps linking with universities and brokering opportunities for students and graduates.

I don’t have a long term view. In the short term, it will be difficult to overcome people’s reluctance to get back to normal, despite vaccinations, in my view.

Continuing some Zoom content

Not applicable. Quite happy with what you usually do.

I miss everything as it was all so interesting. The tours were getting quite expensive but I loved the autumn ones more restrained in ambition and so more affordable. Perhaps more local visits to museums or sites as coach travel is necessarily confined.

Not really – I enjoy the day visits, study days and lectures. Circumstances have meant that I’ve only gone on one study trip but I think they are good.

Examine possibility of rail travel and then short coach trip instead of long coach trip but perhaps additional expense would make this unpopular.

Field Archaeology

Site visiting in London areas with lunch. Walks (even though I am wheelchair bound)

Drinks and nibbles party so everybody can get together. Also on line polls are better than nothing but need to consider how to attract younger members. Where are the young archaeologists at meetings?

Find NEW & a variety of experts to lead the ‘Tours’, ‘Day visits’ etc. etc.

Visit to Sutton Hoo. Lecture about Orkeny temple complex giving up to date info.. Day trips to visit Saxon and Norman churches. Lecture on interesting results of Rescue archaeology. Industrial archaeology visits and lectures.

something practical like fieldwalking or mudlarking

Visits to ongoing digs (if of a practical distance). Visits to historical houses that are privately owned.

I mainly went on excursions and occasionally to events in Gerrards Cross. I think the outings were very expensive which sometimes put me off going. Ihave been on some very interesting and enjoyable outings. I liked the church visits.

some more outings that start at a reasonable time – i.e. later. our freedom pass is more restricted now. I cannot pay by card as my card does not tap – poss fraud attempt, so bank advised return to chip & pin

Do you have any suggestions for improving the way we communicate with you?


use of Twitter?

easy with email and text

More regular/monthly or quarterly, online newsletters, or e-mails re-directing to the EMAS website to access the newsletters and other content

I was impressed by the invitations to participate rather than go totally silent….email is fine but perhaps a whats ap group as there the reactions are quicker..not sure if that is practical.

All ok.

Emails are good

I find the communication is fine. A list of the year events at the beginning of the Autumn would be very useful

No. Communication is fine.

When events are going on (eg CBA last autumn) it would be helpful to be told of them before they start not half way through

I prefer email communication but i can do postal communication. I hope you will switch to ONLINE BANKING for all payments rather than continue with cheque payments.

Email is fine for me so long as any forms are returnable by the same way. I don’t have a printer at the moment.

I have received emails during the lockdown which is good.

Can’t be helped as post so bad. I hope to get a computer, but no time to learn operation due to building / builders – going to take years.

Sorry, I need snail mail. I have no computer, or smart phone. I am a Luddite, but do have a mobile and house phone.

short news letters on regular basis outlining talks given and about to be given

Other Periods

Archaeology of the Now

More on topics like archaeology of smells (senses)

Does Anglo-Saxon and Viking come under the blanket of Medieval? (Yes, it does)

archaeology of other cultures also very interesting eg Byzantine, Silk Road, preColombian

Roman (this is included in Classical)

other ancient cultures as well as Egypt..the last visit to examine Troy at the British museum was fascinating,,say Summeria or pick any prehistory culture in the British museum and /or other museums.

The Babylonian, Anatolian and Assyrian Empires

As long as the expert is good I will enjoy any period.

All depends on who is giving the talk

Other Topics

Digital Archaeology

Environmental archaeology

Tool development and use

Vernacular architecture, ecclesiastical architecture

Buildings; Museum studies; Linking with science (data science and archaeology, for example) and other topics that might attract young professionals. It may be worth conducting focus groups with university students and other groups we may want to attract?

Paintings, sculpture mosaics, but these may well be covered under artefacts.

As long as the expert is good I will enjoy any Topic.

Medieval church architecture


Dating Methods

pottery, flints, jobs, daily life, social organization, food & drink , roles of men, women, clothes

EMAS for the Future – other suggestions

Affiliation with Young Archaeologists Association?

Active online exchanges- Zoom/MS Teams/etc

historic events not just battlefields

Site visiting in London areas. Walks.

Short two day conference on various specific subjects would be beneficial and enjoyable.

On day trips i would prefer an emphasis on the archaeological visit rather than the lunchtime meal.

I think expanding your membership would be a very good idea. Some events of a social nature also good idea.

Interested in churches

Who is going to do this work? All the above equals a big remit already. Evening talks on Zoom for those who can’t get to the Museum of London? Or a web link-

I am now too old for a training dig but a younger membership would appreciate it far more – I filled it in just for me, but would not resent others being prioritised