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EMAS Members’ Favourite Archaeological Sites

How to Submit a Site

For ease and simplicity of use, we have a template which we use for new sites. In order for EMAS to be able to use this template, there are a few basic rules that we ask you to follow when submitting a site.

TEXT: Your text for the site should be no longer than c. 400 words. You can submit your text in the following formats: doc, docx, txt

CONTENT: Even if you use a book or website for information about the site, for copyright reasons please ensure that the text is in your own words.

Decimal Latitude and Longitude of site Please enter the latitude and longitude of the site in the format: 51.50775627963873, -0.12790764467452656 (Hint: if you locate the site on Google Maps and right click on the marker, a small window will appear with the decimal latitude and longitude at the top of the window. Left click on this and it will be copied to the clipboard.)

PHOTOGRAPHS: Please use two or three photographs to illustrate the site. For copyright reasons, these must be your own photographs, not images taken from another source.

SIZE OF PHOTOGRAPHS: The best size for photographs is 1,000 to 2,000 pixels in width. Images smaller than this will lack clarity on the webpage and larger images may not transfer well by email. Please submit your photos in jpg or jpeg format.

POSITION OF PHOTOGRAPHS ON THE WEBPAGE: Please note that photo 1 will appear at the top of the main column on the webpage; photo 2 at the top of the right-hand column; and photo 3 (if submitted) will appear below photo 2.

CAPTIONS FOR PHOTOGRAPHS: Please provide a short descriptive caption for each photograph.

The Template used for new sites
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Submit an Archaeological Site

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